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A tastefully decorated and functionally elegant office underscores a progressive work environment. In today’s cut and thrust business world, an office space that stands out in the eyes of its clients and takes care of the productivity and comfort of its employees goes a long way in highlighting its strength and success. As business activity and development has flourished in Dhaka, the taste and demand for trendy yet functional and cost-effective work spaces, modular partitions and workstations has also flourished. A couple of decades ago, the discerning consumer was always disadvantaged by the lack of availability of good choices. However, since the late 90’s, there has been a visible change in area of office space design and fit-out, and Fully Furnished is at the forefront of empowering you with smart selections to turn your office space into your second home

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Over the last 30 years, we have forged a unique identity and carved a distinct niche in the furniture market. Initially, we offered only imported products and were quick to establish a reputation as a one-stop solution for home and office furnishings. With the passage of time and by drawing on the expertise of leading local and international architects, an increasing portion of our products are being designed and manufactured locally. The Fully Furnished brand has become a mark of distinction in the furniture & architecture sectors. It employs over 100 staff at its factory, delivery and installations departments. Moreover, an additional 50 personnel are engaged in its import and sales office to ensure product availability and customer facilitation.

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We are thankful to our growing list of patrons and satisfied customers who have put their trust in our products and services. This has ensured that Fully Furnished is recognized as a brand synonymous with the manufacturer & production of high quality office furniture and the provider of chic, consumer-centric interior solutions. The vast array of prestigious corporate projects in our portfolio is testimony to our innovative approach to office design, furnishing and décor.

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Trade License No.: TRAD/DNCC/004958/2022 License Expires on 30th June, 2024 Dhaka Uttar City Corporation, Area -10

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